WAGWEARDOGS bandanas are an effective, stylish and high quality product that will keep your four legged friend LOOKING and FEELING cooler than ever before. Whether you’re heading out for brunch in the city or prepping for the Frisbee championship in the park.. we’ve got you covered!

Long walks in the park, sunny days at the beach, or just lazy days hanging on the porch… WAGWEARDOGS bandanas will keep your pup chill all day long!

WAGWEARDOGS unique design utilizes TECHNIICE © cooling technology developed in the very hot but ALWAYS cool country of Australia.
This specially developed lightweight ice pack fits specifically into the waterproof pocket sewn into the interior of the bandana. Insert the icepack into the pocket, tie it around your dog’s neck, there is no need to remove the collar or hassle with trying to fit it around a harness. The bandana with the ice pack in placet fits snugly against your dog’s chest, one of the physical areas conducive to cooling your pups’ overall body temperature. When the ice pack is fully frozen, it stays colder up to FOUR TIMES longer than traditional ( heavier and bulkier) ice packs.
Every bandana includes one, two or three ice packs , depending on the size of the bandana and once they are activated will last month after month. Simply follow the simple instructions to wet, squeeze and freeze and you are good to go!

WAGWEARDOGS bandanas are the cooling solution you’ve been waiting for!

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