About Us

I developed WAGWEARDOGS bandanas for SADIE, my Mini English Bull Terrier, to keep her cool during our trips to the dog park, the beach or just hanging out with her friends. I was concerned because Sadie seemed to get overheated quite quickly and we were both disappointed when we’d have to cut our playtime short. I searched everywhere for a product that was high quality, easy to use and, most importantly EFFECTIVE.
Searching for a solution, I couldn’t find a product that actually worked for more than an hour.
I needed something that would keep her cool, was easy to use, and made to last.

Having a background in art and design, I decided to try developing a workable solution for Sadie.
With help from a friend in the pet care industry, we came up with exactly what I was looking for..

I’ve created a stylish, durable, and effective product that will keep dogs comfortable and safe;
More effective than any other product on the market today!


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