Why Wag Wear bandannas are the coolest bandannas ever:

  • Wagweardog bandanas are sturdy, and durable. They are double sided and doublestiched with a reinforced, water-repellent pocket to hold the ice packet,. Strong enough for the most active days , 365 days of the year! When your bandana needs a wash, just throw it in the washer and dryer and you’re ready for another full day of play!
  • These bandannas are designed to be tied around your dog’s neck, there is no need to remove your dog’s collar or harness. Just insert the ice pack, tie on the bandana and go!
  • The bandanna’s custom interior cooling pocket is designed to fit snugly against your dog’s chest where the cooling impact is the most effective.
  • The water-repellent pocket holds one, two ,or three TECHNI ICE packs (included) depending on the size of the bandana. The packs are lightweight, durable and stay cold up to 4 times longer than traditional ice packs.


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